SB360 : 003 : Support your Friends

With social media playing a large part of today's life especially with business, it is up to our friends and family to share what we do and produce as small business owners as well as ourselves. Traditional marketing has made way for today's customer-centric social marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and so on.

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SB360S : 002 : How do we help you succeed!

So that's just a little insight of the website and that's at We are also on all the social media platforms. The only one that's a little bit strange is Twitter, they wouldn't let me put the "a" on Peter George Media so it's just Peter George Medi, but the rest are all Peter George Media, so at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, they are all there. We're also on YouTube and there are all the links of those too on our site.

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Feel the fear and do it anyway

If you're genuine and honest about who you are and jump in, then I believe you'll be successful in business. Don't beat around the bush. Don't tell people what they want to hear. Be you. We're entrepreneurs. We're trying to make a business succeed. And you know, you hear things about, "are you a multilevel marketer," "you're a pyramid scheme person"--

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