Peter George Media – What We Do Best

Peter George Media – What We Do Best

Small Business



The hardest part for solo businesses owners is time and as Gary Vaynerchuk says “do the hard work between 7 pm and 2 am, the results will come”.

Estimates are one in three new small businesses in Australia fail in their first year of operation, two out of four by the end of the second year, and three out of four by the fifth year. This is where we can help with online training as well as weekly podcasts, live shows and much more, where we call on over 15 years of operating our own business as well as working in the corporate world developing technology systems to streamline their businesses.

However, we never forget that we have a life to live as well and that is the second part to all our media platforms, helping you along with the fun things in life and how to have a healthy work-life balance.


The business side of the website is broken down into three parts

1. Learning
2. Podcast
3. News and Information



Social Media


The emphasis is on branding you first and your business second, as at this level people will buy from you, more so than your product or service. This is why we have teamed up with BrandingYouniversity to get you on your way with branding in an online classroom environment. The best thing is it is at your own pace and the courses you need to get you underway are free.

We will be doing live youtube sessions where I will answer the questions from you that I can and if I can’t I will call on all the specialist to get the answer, also be covering software that will make your marketing easier, tips and tricks from some of the best operators globally to make you the specialist in your given field.






Our weekly podcast will be a series of shows covering everything from the most common social media platforms and how they fit in the market, how to set up your own podcast to be the champion in your niche.



News and Information:

Anything that we can find from local state and federal government we will post it to our blog to help keep you on top of things. If there are growing trends that you should know about we will have it covered for you.

So from a business point of view, Peter George media will become your hub for success

The other side as mentioned earlier, with much discussion on a name is



Having run a photography business for many years I would like to share that knowledge as well as my enjoyment of wine and great food, but it is all not fun and joy and having suffered loss as well as battling depression we will also be helping anyone that needs a hand in this area.


1. Photography

2. Health and Living

3. Podcast



Photography has shaped a large part of my life and now is the time to start sharing that passion as an educator, helping you get the most out of your cameras no matter what they are and then understanding the importance of print. In a world of instant gratification, I believe that photos have become forgotten, as we just look through our phones like a 1970’s slide night after the 20th slide everyone is bored. I always say”that we are the most photographed society known to man, but we will be the least remembered”, as we don’t print that much anymore as we should.

If you run a photography studio and you have any questions feel free to ask.


Health and Living


There is the fun side of this recommended wines, helping you food match your wines and beers which I have done in a professional capacity, believe me, it is fun, however, there is a little more serious side to this section as well, dealing with mental health issues as well as grief and loss, as this not only affects an individual but all the people around you.




Small Business 360 looking at life from all angles.

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