SB360 : 003 : Support your Friends

SB360 : 003 : Support your Friends

With social media playing a large part of today’s life especially with business, it is up to our friends and family to share what we do and produce as small business owners as well as ourselves. Traditional marketing has made way for today’s customer-centric social marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and so on.

For followers just to like your posts or shows is great but what is greater is them hitting the share button, regardless if they use the product or not it comes down to believing in you as a person. We are quick to buy in on the celebrity or influencer that make you feel good but the real influencers are the people around you that live with your day today, they are the people you should be helping to grow and prosper and learn from the influencers.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the greatest influencers in today’s business world love him or hate him he makes a lot of sense this is a post from his Facebook page a great strategy the post has 1100 likes and 372 shares that’s 34%  of people that liked it shared it and the reach goes on from there.



Out of the Cave is one of my other sites for men’s mental health for me to get the same result on the below post all I needed was one person to share to their friends and the possibilities could be anything, yes Gary’s is great it is succinct but so can be mine or other friends.

So be kind to your friends in business on social media.

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