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Hi and welcome to episode two of the Gen X Guide where we help a generation survive in today’s world through training and all that whiz-bang sort of stuff that gets you through social media. So this episode, episode two, is going to be all about the website that we’ve got that’ll assist you along the way at It’s just being finished so everything is pretty much in place, we just got a few things to tidy up like in the resources area and things, I’m just clarifying a few affiliate things.┬áthere is a disclaimer about affiliates, that’s one of the ways that we keep this site up and running. And ticking along by some of the links, especially with the book reviews that we do, you can purchase them through Amazon as an Audible book or as a paperback or what’s available from the site. And it doesn’t cost you guys any more, it just means that I get a commission just like a travel agent does or a real estate agent or whatever, it’s just a way of income.

So when you arrive at the site have a scroll down, there are all the different topics that we cover. There are things like why Gen X, things about a lifestyle, that’s all the fun stuff that I like to do. Part of my training is in fine wine, so it’s all about wines and restaurants and just having a little bit of fun, you’ll find some of the trips that we do and everything like that there. Then you’ve got podcasting. What I’d like to be able to do for not just Gen X but anyone that comes to the site is helping them along the way of podcasting as Gary Vaynerchuk says and a lot of all the other guys that are in the known like Pat Flynn, all of those guys, that voice is one of the ways to go. I strongly believe it, as you can see I’m actually doing it. So there will be a few little courses in there that will help you along the way.

And our big, main courses or online course section is in conjunction with Branding YOUniversity which I’m an affiliate of, once again. And what you can do there is develop you as a brand as well as Twitter training, LinkedIn training, and learn from six and seven-figure earners. So that’s something there that you can do. A lot of the courses are free so, take up those offers. There are webinars on a Sunday, a little bit harder if you’re in Australia because they’re at about four o’clock in the morning, but there are replays that you can actually hook into. To enrol in there and you’ll have a lot of fun.

The What Keeps Us Ticking section is everything that I use to put Peter George Media, the Gen X guide, and another podcast inside that we’ll be developing which is Out of the Cave for mental health issues mainly for men, but for anybody that has mental health issues like I’ve had on starting to come out the other side and also for people that have family members that are having mental health issues with depression or anxiety, and if they’ve got any questions to feel free to ask them away and I will be able to help you from a person that’s suffered deeply from it. I’ve had this year two attempts to suicide and just things fell into perspective and then bingo, here I am today actually facing a lot of fears and doing things and there’s a lot of people that I have thanked personally that have got me through that. So that’s that path.

And then photography. Now, the photography side of things is one of the areas that I was trained on, ran photography businesses successfully. Took a photography business from only turning over $75,000 a year with about $12,000 profit to one that was turning over $250,000 a year and a $108,000 profit, so we cut costs quite drastically, increased prices and did all that. So that’ll be a focus of some of the sessions as well to help people in the photography business because there’s a lot of people there that … So it’s not just business, it’s also for everyday people to get a little bit more. Because I am passionate about it and it’s a great passion I’ll take you through how to get the best out of your phone as well. So that’s for photography.

So we’re still on the front page. And then there are all our posts audible books. So it’s up there and running, love to have your feedback, that would be awesome to do. We’re building and building and building, we’ve got a lot of blogs in there, blog posts, some of the subjects are we’ve been to the Beenleigh Rum Distillery, there’s information on that. There is a video that I did probably – I’m thinking – eight, nine months ago, maybe a little bit longer, the blog post is “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. I suffer from eczema as I mentioned in the last one and this just is a video of me facing that fear of doing a video. So there’s a lot of fun stuff in there.

And as I mentioned earlier, some of the courses when you go over to the course tab, Branding YOU, there’s enrollment and there are free seminars, there’s Your Story Your Money, Twitter mini-courses. So there’s a lot of information there for you to get underway.

And then we’ve got the resources which I’ll build up which will have things like the equipment used for photography, podcasting, all the resources that I can get my hand on to make your job a little bit easier to get going with today’s marketplace and things like that.

So that’s just a little insight of the website and that’s at We are also on all the social media platforms. The only one that’s a little bit strange is Twitter, they wouldn’t let me put the “a” on Peter George Media so it’s just Peter George Medi, but the rest are all Peter George Media, so at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, they are all there. We’re also on YouTube and there are all the links of those too on our site.

So this is just a little bit of a lead-in to get things happening. What I’ll be doing on the next show … This is a weekly show so the next show will be coming out Thursdays, so Thursday morning Australian time eight o’clock my shows will be coming out. So in this next one, we’ll start on the journey of starting to change some mindsets on how I’ve learned over the last [inaudible 00:08:41] months how to get more results in your business and also for you. If you follow down some of those paths, listen to some of the recommendations that I make. I’m not the be all and end all of all things social media, I learn as well, but the beauty of that is that I can take a few more steps and avenues from a Gen X perspective.

But once again, thanks for taking the time to listen to this podcast. Make sure that you pop across to iTunes where you can download the show. We’re also on Spotify, Spreaker and Stitcher. Google doesn’t allow us in Australia to fire things up here but [inaudible 00:09:38] crawled a little bit. But yeah, so that’s where you can find us. We will be having a lot of fun even tot he point where once a month we will be going live and that’ll be popping up on the website as well; if you subscribe to Spreaker and download the Spreaker up that’ll automatically pop up when we go live. And then once we go live online you can ask away any questions that you want to be answered. If we can answer them on the show we’ll definitely grab your name or handle and we’ll get back to you with the answers.

so hope you have a great day, night, or wherever you are in the world what time it is, hopes that it’s all good for you because it’s good for me because every day is a good day when you wake up. So yeah, it’s just a great time to have in the world business now and hopefully, Peter George Media is a resource for your goals and achievements ahead. So thank you very much and don’t forget to pop over to

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