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Hi and welcome to episode one of The Gen X Guide. I’m Peter George, the host of the show and today’s episode is just a little bit of an introduction of who I am, where I’ve been, what I’ve done and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Let’s get started with where you can find us online.

The actual show you can download from iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Spreaker. You can find us on Facebook at PeterGeorgeMedia. You can find us on Twitter on PeterGeorgeMedi, no A on the end of media. And our website is also, where you can find all the episodes as well. You can subscribe there, there’s a heap of information thereon lifestyle and business and all fun stuff to keep you occupied and reading and having a bit of fun.

Who am I? I was born and bred in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I grew up in a small town out west, in the western suburbs called Melton. Went to school there until year 10 when we moved over to Mulgrave, closer to the city and finished year 11 from there. Went and worked for Coles and after Coles to the RACV, which is the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, where I got taught pretty much everything I know about business and reverse engineering.

I ended up being one of the project managers for a lot of IT integration. The big project we had was switching from old handwritten forms into printed forms out of a printer and using modern technology so we reversed engineered that back so it actually worked with minimal interruption to all business. That and that and then I had the opportunity to go and work for a company called Lexmark, the printer people. Worked in their supply area and also helped with the integration of new systems into many large businesses there.

As part of that role was coaching sales staff so that’s where this is sort of going kick in and move into where The Gen X Guide is heading. The Gen X Guide is for everyone. We’ve specifically targeted The Gen X Guide for a reason and that’ll be explained there in one of the tracks of the episodes were with talk about your avatar, and in business, how to target the right person, so that’s a little bit down the track.

Then from there in about 1999-2000 I studied at the Melbourne School of Arts and took up what was my passion then and that was photography. Studied photography for two years and then got privately tutored in the art of darkroom printing and printing in black and white, mainly. You’ll see some of that work come along in some of the posts on Instagram, which is PeterGeorgeMedia. Some of those will start flying up fairly soon.

In 2001 I was fortunate enough to marry my wonderful wife, Jane, and then in 2002, that’s when I really took off the photography business, left Lexmark and by 2004 we had an opportunity to buy a photography business up on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. And one of the reasons we moved is that I do suffer from severe eczema and the weather in Melbourne is quite dry and the weather in Queensland is quite moist, so it helps my skin come along and that’s why I’m still


nervous about doing video. Some days I do look like I’ve been hit by a baseball bat, but that’s the way eczema goes.

That’s about 200-300, somewhere weddings later I got fairly tired of the wedding industry, but I still love helping people try to build their wedding businesses and understand how to market in today’s world for wedding photographers. A lot of the references when I will talk about business will be along the photography line. That’s where one of my strengths are, but they’ll be able to relate to any business because all the principles are the same. So that’ll be a little bit of fun there. Hopefully, I don’t upset too many photographers with some of the radical ideas that I do have now, but that’ll be a lot of fun.

From there, I wanted a break and I wanted to do something totally different. One of the things I do enjoy is a good scotch and a nice bottle of wine, so I went into that industry and became a duty manager for Dan Murphy’s. Had a good couple of years there, injured a shoulder and consequently from there I found out everything that’s wrong with me and now I can’t do much. I got a damaged back, a fracture in the neck, arthritis everywhere but that’s a bit of fun and so what does that lead me to do? It leads me to The Gen X Guide, Peter George Media, and helping others where I don’t have to put a strain on my body too much, but just a strain on my mind. So that’s a lot of fun.

And the other thing I do on the Gold Coast, so if you’re ever on the Gold Coast, look out for me, I do Uber driving. Good fun and I have a ball doing that. So that’s a little bit about me, but what I what do now just have a quick chat about what I hope people can get from The Gen X Guide.

One of the things as being an Uber driver and I can drive around and listen to Audible, so that is a mainstay of my education these days. Audible suggests that you actually download it, especially if your car’s got Apple Play or Android Car Play in the car. It is better than listening to a lousy radio and I’m a bit over commercial radios and even ABC.

Some of the stuff I do listen to is Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Seth Gordon, who else? Chandler Bolt about writing books. I’ll put a whole list of what I normally listen to, and I’ll put a link over to Audible, to my favourite book, and hopefully, you can download that and if you haven’t used Audible, that book should be free. Your first book’s normally free with Audible.

With that, I’m staying quiet on top of trends, and the unfortunate thing about GenX is that we’re on the tip of computers, but not on the tip of computers. Some of us were fortunate enough at school to start filling in cards and zipping them through machines and writing your name, that took about 20 minutes to do. But that was one of the things I did.

The hard thing today is understanding how to get the most from the internet for your business. I’m not a big fan of calling it social media or whatever, it’s just

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internet, it’s a system that we use to promote our business today, instead of using old-fashioned ways of print media and the like, TV, radio, and so forth.

That’s that part of it, and the other side I want to show is the fun side that I like doing. If you’re interested in photography, I’ll show you some tips and tricks there as well, and also if we do things along the way and I do a review on something, I’ve just posted up on our blog, we went to the B&B run distillery, which was a sensational tour and tasting, so there’s the information there. I’ll do all of those kinds of good things as well, but the podcast will focus on business.

In summing up, just a simple Aussie bloke. Love to help people. Trying to turn what could have been a bad situation into a good situation with my health and make use of what I can and can’t do, and yeah, just help you guys out as much as I can. We’ll be doing some live sessions. I’m going to try to work out a time where I can get it globally so that there’s a little bit of a sweet spot, and feel free to jump onto the live shows and ask questions, as many as you’d like. If I can’t answer them, I’ve got plenty of sources to help us along the way.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to listen to this episode. Really, really appreciate it. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on whatever your preferred platform is. We’re pretty much over the lot of them. The only one we’re not on is Google Play. It’s not allowed in Australia yet, and don’t forget to drop over to and make sure you subscribe and follow us there as well. There are some good little courses there, but I’ll go into that into the next video. Next podcast, sorry. Once again, appreciate your time, and as I always say, have a great day.

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