Beenleigh Rum – The Artisan Distillery

Beenleigh Rum – The Artisan Distillery


Beenleigh Rum is an Artisan distillery in Queensland Australia, the rum is distilled in traditional copper pots and aged in barrels.

A History Leason

Beenleigh rum is the oldest known rum in Australia and was created by two English men John Davy and Francis Gooding, they gave up farming in England to try their luck in the new colony Australia, they settled on the banks of what is the Albert river today and called the area Beenleigh after their farm back home, Hence the suburb now of Beenleigh.

Rum is made of three ingredients :

Pure Queensland rainwater,
Premium molasses
Proprietary yeast


It is amazing how the distillers can turn these into magic.

We went on the Distillery tour and the guide was a great young guy only been there a short time but was passionate about what he wanted to share with on the tour. Beenleigh Rum is unique in that it is still handcrafted with care and love. The process seems simple, but yet the magic is in the barrels, some of which are dated back to the original distillery in the late 1800’s and now produce the Beenleigh White Rum, with its natural hint of vanilla from the vats. The tour takes about 30 minutes depending on the group size. The tour allows you to understand the simplicity of making the alcohol, but the complexity in making the rum, which they do exceptionally well.



1800 Vat’s


After the tour, we had a tasting of all the products on offer and I must say this rum is the best Australia produces, the variety is exceptional and each rum has its own characters and place on your bar. The exception to the Rum is their own vodka, soft with a hint of sweetness from the sugar cane.

The rums vary in age from the 2-year-old copper pot to the exceptional 10-year-old rum. The Beenleigh Double Barrel Rum was my favourite and is easy to drink on ice no need to mix this little fella, the uniqueness and artisan approach by Beenleigh Artisan Distillery lets the rums be rums and needed with mixers but when you do it is quality spirit and a quality end product.



The tour and tastings were well run and everything was nice and relaxed and all the staff were knowledgeable. The tour we went on was $25.00 AUD for the tour and tasting and was well worth the money.

If you are a Bundy lover have a go at the other Queensland Rum, in my opinion, it is a far superior rum and enjoyable beverage.


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