Learning Photography the Art and Business

Learning Photography the Art and Business

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Taking images today has never been so easy with all of us carrying a camera in our pocket, with a good percentage of images turning out ok, even some are great to the point that pro photographers are winning awards with them.

So why should I learn about photography? Well, my whole philosophy about photography is to print images and to do that we need to get the images correct in camera first, this is what I will be teaching people on our walks and tours. So no matter what camera you have you can improve on what you take.

Yes I have my own distinct style and that is produced by getting it correct in camera and then a few presets in Lightroom, then to print or wherever I like them to go. You can book walks and tours here.




The business of photography has changed dramatically over the past few years which makes it hard to keep a handle on what to do.

Being in Australia we are mainly drawn to the USA for all things in the way of running our business but I am here to help do it with all Aussie companies.

I will be sharing my journey of setting up my new business where I will be concentrating on Equine, Travel and Personal photography.

You may hear a lot of negative about the industry that everyone has a camera and it doesn’t matter well it does people will still want wedding photography, portraits, commercial shoots it is just a matter of where you fit in the marketplace and we will help you find that fit.

When you subscribe to our business educational are you will receive a few tips to get you thinking and started

We hope you enjoy yours and our journey.

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