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Area: 5,780 km²
Population: 4.225 million (2014)

Travel 4,511km north-west from Brisbane and you finally get to the holiday Island of Bali. Bali is also known as the Island of a thousand temples, Situated not too far from the Indonesia main Island of Java.

Bali, in my opinion, has been given a little bit of a reputation that is unwarranted, yes with many places around the world there are some bad areas and unscrupulous people.  When you start to get off the glitter strip, we start to see what people love about this beautiful, culture-filled island.

The capital is Denpasar and is the hub of the business world of Bali, offer many services like Doctors, Dentist, Lawyers, etc.

Most people stay in the tourist areas of Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud as these areas where most of the nightlife are except for Ubud.  Ubud is a destination about 40km’s North of Kuta which offers tourist the opportunity to see more of the arts and crafts of the Balinese people.  There is also the great Monkey Forrest and Temple where you can wander through and see wild monkey’s in the temple environment.

When we travel we stay  20min’s  South West from Kuta at Sanur, a much quieter, peaceful beachside area.

Each week of March we will feature more in-depth reviews of the areas of Bali.

Bali for Australian’s is one of the cheapest destinations to visit and is an easy 6-hour flight from Brisbane, Melbourne, 6.5 Hours from Sydney, 5 Hours from Adelaide and 3 hours from Perth.

Virgin Australia and Jetstar have direct flights to Bali from all capital cities, make sure to sign up for their email fare deals as they do have some exceptional prices. An example of that is our next trip with Jetstar $434.00 return including Luggage, Meals and Extra leg room seats.

The Shopping experience is fun as they do love to barter. They are the “genuine copies” and bizarre tourist trinkets, but you can also purchase some beautiful silks and unique clothing.

At the time of this post, you can expect to get just over 1m IDR for $100 Aus.

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